p.r.s.o. + the spritz live in Бачки Моноштор 8th august 2014

click for video:

P.R.S.O. – two songs, live in Bački Monoštor on August 8th 2014
P.R.S.O. – another one…
The Spritz – try to find out the song titles…
download in better quality

p.r.s.o. + the spritz live in Бачки Моноштор 8th august 2014
some 5 years ago i asked a girl, who did a fanzine (profit from poison) to give a short overview about underground scene in the town of sombor for my own fanzine with the topic of provincial and metropolitan punk scene in towns and areas near the river sava and in my own hometown leipzig in germany. (here you can read it). I remembered that, when I decided to join the doing media kamp and tried to contact some punk bands to play at the camp.

After all the very last minute organisation i was very glad when they came… on friday, 8th august 2014… the day when also the folk fest in the nearby village would start and block the streets. After dinner in our very nice dining hall P.R.S.O. started soon to rock the crowd with finest punk/hardcore mixture that sounded very powerful and reminded me of the great hc/punk bands of ex-yugoslavia and the more fast ones of the 90s hardcore bands. Also check out their lyrics on mostly social issues… Part of the concert was our haircutting service, which was only attended by the few real hardcore punks in  the audience. After P.R.S.O. played The Spritz, also from Sombor, which delighted me with Covers from bands like The Misfits, The Spits and even some Buzzcocks and Ramones… The circle mosh pit was real dangerous, ha ha…


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