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Learn to read and write with Ulysses

The aim of our nice afternoon workshop studio is to write short texts that could (but not must) be inspired by the famous novel Ulysses, published 1922 by James Joyce.

There are some literary styles and techniques used by Joyce, not just the famous stream of consciousness (or inner monologue), also he used imitations of popular styles, like the classical love story.

Our small group met for the first time at a side branch of the danube river and we talked nicely about favourite books and about how we could write some short texts, which later could be assembled to form a collage of texts, which are connected somehow (the characters of the stories could know each other).ulyssesreading

We were attacked by many flies and went along the river… There was a swan and some dogs came to us, they were barking loudly (very dangerous) but turned out to be little puppies (15 inches high and perhaps four weeks old). There was a fishermen’s shack.

We were given the task to write until the next day a short story (a beginning), perhaps something about our fictional characters awaking and going to some river in any location of vojvodina or the close surrounding.

On our next meeting it was nice to hear the different ideas, which had developed over night…