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Our Practice of Re-Thinking Performance Art

During the four-day work period, a group of 12 people met everyday morning to feed their common body and brain, that evolved throughout their being together. The group was re-thinking aims and aesthetics of any kind of Performance Art.


First of all we introduced ourselves with the help of a game. Then we switched over to a brainstorming on the topic media and Nadja gave a rough introduction on the term Performance Art. After all, the group split up in smaller pieces and went for a 30 minutes research on the Internet. Nikola then moderated the following discussion, in which people talked about their experiences. Then …                                       

… we physically dived into our re-thinking practice trough re-enacting ideas, bits and pieces that the groups discovered during their research. We developed categories such as form and content. Then we applied them on the examples we had seen in the group.

The second day we watched several videos on the internet, films that were created by performance artists as a document of their work or others that represent the work itself.

In the afternoon we kept on talking about the already shown re-enactments. Using the summercamp sombor slang, a mix out of denglish, spanish, serbian and bosnian we were discussing questions like:

Why is this art?
Can you make a living as a performance artist?
What makes you a performance artist?


perfromance backstage


During this discussion we added to our list of possible forms of expression: Facebook and Flashmob. There was Aleksandar who insisted on the political aspect of Performance Art and our possibilities to stand in for a clear opinion according to discrimination. So we completed our performance schedule for the final presentation with another performance about discrimination.


perfromance group1performance group2

Animation: Red Cross

created by participants of the summercamp 2014


The opera workshop is really amazing to me. Having no ties to opera and theater until now, the staff is doing a great job in educating what opera means by experiencing opera itself. The method to do so is quite simple but genius itself. By doing and performing seemingly strange things and later in the workshop solving exercises with tools educated earlier is a fantastic experience. For me, working fourty hours a week in an office of a telecommunication company, this abstract and creative kind of work is absolutely uncommon.

The passionate realization of the workshop is very professional. Especially the well educated workshop leaders make it very exciting and fascinating. The mixture of classical opera themes and quite modern elements like percussion makes it very easy to get fascinated, especially for young people.

Sebastian Rupprecht

DSC05101 DSC05085

Musical experiences

After arriving in the camp two days ago, it was really relaxing to have some time to get used to the new environment. But still, personally, I am really glad that the workshops started today and there was actually something to do now.

For me, it was really hard to choose one workshop, because I was interested in all of them. I decided not to choose the drawing workshop because that’s what I am doing all the time anyways – I needed something new! So I chose the workshops Songs & Sounds, done by Rick and Danilo.


We are a very loud workshop – loud people doing loud stuff, but that’s exactly what’s necessary for being musically creative. First things first, we started with a little game where we would all stand in a circle and introduce ourselves – musically, giving our name a special noise or melody. At first, most of us were a bit shy, but soon enough, we would realize that nobody was making fun of us or find us ridiculous, that this group, this new environment welcomes us and our little weirdnesses with open arms and we were free to do everything, even if it was unusual. So, for example, a boy named Vuk, made a barking noise of his name, and explained afterwards, that Vuk means wolf. We, his newly won wolf pack, would howl at him and stop immediately when he was barking his name again.

Afterwards, we started improvising, stepping from side to side and making noise again, starting with a single beat, growing into a rhythm and erupting as a fully grown melody sung by 14 voices. We did the same thing several times today in different ways, for example, we were looping – one person makes a beat or a rhythm or a little melody and continues to repeat it on and on and on and with every new person joining a new layer gets added to the whole.

Rick also showed us how to use the loop machine and the different microphones. The most interesting one was probably the smallest one, a simple circle you would tape to a surface like your chest and it would record there – in that case, your heartbeat. We started experimenting with the different gadgets until it was time for lunch and todays workshop was over.

So, overall, today it was all about melody. Tomorrow, the topic will be lyrics, and we will probably start to produce a real song all together.

Lisa Lenz