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Our Practice of Re-Thinking Performance Art

During the four-day work period, a group of 12 people met everyday morning to feed their common body and brain, that evolved throughout their being together. The group was re-thinking aims and aesthetics of any kind of Performance Art.


First of all we introduced ourselves with the help of a game. Then we switched over to a brainstorming on the topic media and Nadja gave a rough introduction on the term Performance Art. After all, the group split up in smaller pieces and went for a 30 minutes research on the Internet. Nikola then moderated the following discussion, in which people talked about their experiences. Then …                                       

… we physically dived into our re-thinking practice trough re-enacting ideas, bits and pieces that the groups discovered during their research. We developed categories such as form and content. Then we applied them on the examples we had seen in the group.

The second day we watched several videos on the internet, films that were created by performance artists as a document of their work or others that represent the work itself.

In the afternoon we kept on talking about the already shown re-enactments. Using the summercamp sombor slang, a mix out of denglish, spanish, serbian and bosnian we were discussing questions like:

Why is this art?
Can you make a living as a performance artist?
What makes you a performance artist?


perfromance backstage


During this discussion we added to our list of possible forms of expression: Facebook and Flashmob. There was Aleksandar who insisted on the political aspect of Performance Art and our possibilities to stand in for a clear opinion according to discrimination. So we completed our performance schedule for the final presentation with another performance about discrimination.


perfromance group1performance group2